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What kinds of HVACR and industrial equipment can use PACE AI edge+cloud solutions?

We help you save on what you’ve got — effective on 90% of what cools and heats the world, on process heating and cooling equipment, and other applications, too. PaceControls’ patented, breakthrough PACE AI edge+cloud solutions combine a rugged, easily-deployed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge node and sensor suite for monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimization, all with cloud-based AI/ML for optimizing HVACR and process heating and cooling, as well as other applications. In tens of thousands of installations and in over 90 industry-standard metered trials, we’ve delivered 25%-30%+ cost and carbon savings for a huge range of applications and equipment types.

How is what PACE AI does, different from a building monitoring and control system?

PACE AI edge+cloud solutions are compatible with all building management systems (BMS), and most current PACE AI installations are in buildings that have some form of BMS. Most BMS systems are designed to allow benefits such as remote thermostatic control with setbacks, equipment run time normalization, monitoring and reporting, online diagnostics, prevention of harm from poor electricity quality, and similar features. In contrast, PACE AI technology is focused on the “foundation” of energy consumption, by applying cloud-based AI/ML at the edge to optimize machine response to control inputs. For a BMS- or process automation-equipped system, it thus operates in response, but quite compatibly and visibly with it, and with easy interconnection.

What energy savings credentialing do you have?

PACE AI has industry-leading credentialing, with over 90 IPMVP-compliant submetered studies funded by USDOE, California Energy Commission, and global OEMs (IPMVP is the global industry standard for energy savings measurement: see www.evo-world.org.). As such, all of these studies used rigorous weather normalization analysis and employed not only energy monitoring, but also monitoring of space and process performance variables (temperature, humidity, etc.) to ensure that equipment performance was maintained as savings were delivered.

What are the requirements for a typical PACE AI installation?

Low-voltage smart node PACE AI solutions can be installed on a very wide range of HVACR and industrial appliances that are in good working order (usually by the regular maintenance technician) and in compliance with app-driven technical documentation and support. Installation is quick and relatively straightforward in most cases, but knowledge of control circuitry is important, as well as familiarity with the equipment’s typical operations.

Dimensions of energy and cost savings?

PACE AI can reduce energy consumption (kWh and therms), and thus the cost of that consumption. In electric cooling and electric heating, PACE AI can also reduce at-the-meter demand (kW) substantially as a permanent demand reduction (PDR) measure, providing additional savings from reduced demand charges. Additionally, PACE AI’s patented ThrottleBack™ Automated Demand Response (ADR) technology can provide you with additional smart grid revenues and benefits.

How long has PACE machine learning been deployed?

PACE AI, an ENERGY STAR PARTNER and DOE- and Ben Franklin Technology Partners-funded company, has as of 2021 developed four generations of UL Listed universal smart nodes for energy efficiency and smart grid HVACR. In all that time, we have not had a single issue with equipment product warranties, relating to our patented machine learning technology. With our OEM partners, we are developing new AI/ML solutions for a wide range of IIoT applications.

What are expected project ROIs? Are government and utility and incentives available?

PACE AI has been deployed by major utilities in state Direct Install programs and by global corporations and property managers. And with excellent returns on investment: a typical PACE AI deployment, on average across North America, will pay for itself in 1-3 years — quicker in higher-cost areas or those with more extreme temperatures — and even before energy efficiency and demand incentives! PACE AI is eligible for both electric (both kWh and kW) and gas energy incentives, generally anywhere such incentives are offered.

Can you work with lighting companies and energy service companies?

Whether you’re an energy service company (ESCO), a lighting products company or contractor, an HVACR maintenance company, or an HVACR or lighting wholesaler, you’ll benefit by becoming a full “solution provider” to your clients by adding PACE AI…a proven solution that lets them measure the real dollars saved, with plenty of backup and support to make them successful.

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