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July 2024


Growing with AWS

We’re excited to be launching our breakthrough new Efficiency as a Service and Virtual Power Plant feature sets.  And just in time, as another brutally hot summer arrives.

For this, we’re doing a big scaleup of our platforms — and our cloud partner Amazon Web Services is helping us to move fast, via the AWS Migration Acceleration Program.

AWS is not only working closely with us on our buildout, but also via making an investment with us via MAP to speed us to market.  Many thanks to our AWS partner team!

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June 2024


PACE AI Selected as Top 50 Smart Cities Solution

We’re pleased to have just been selected by Leading Cities as one of the Top 50 solutions in the Western Hemisphere, in Leading Cities’ 2024 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge.  We look forward to working with Leading Cities and our cohort members!
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April 2024


42% HVAC Peak Load Shed with Maintained Comfort in DOE-LBNL Demonstrations

We’re thrilled (though not surprised!) at recent results in demonstrations of our new AI/ML at DOE-Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, under our CalTestBed grant from the California Energy Commission.

Our new AI/ML delivers easy, reliable load shed and shift, for fast-scalable grid Demand Response and virtual power plant  ops for buildings of all kinds — commercial, industrial, and soon residential.  And on a SEER 20 heat pump-equipped test building at DOE-LBNL’s great FLEXLAB facility, we did just that, showing 42% average kW demand reduction through the California winter morning peak, with zero comfort (temperature) impact inside the building.

And we can do the same for afternoon peak demand as well, across North America and the world.  More to come!

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February 2024


PACE AI Selected as Exelon Climate Change Investment Initiative Finalist

Thanks much to the Exelon Foundation, for selecting us as a Finalist in Exelon’s Climate Change Investment Initiative (2c2i) competition!

We’re looking forward to working in all of Exelon’s service territories this summer, with our new load shed AI/ML and our proven, rebated (30%-100% of project cost) energy efficiency savings, guaranteed.

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December 2023


National Carbon and Cost-Cutting Project for Multi-Family

Multi-family buildings — apartments, condos, townhouses and the like — house about 1/3 of U.S. households, according to U.S. census data.  That’s a lot of buildings and a lot of carbon footprint, and the same is true around the world.

For a large multi-family owner, we’re kicking off a big 2024 deployment of PACE AI that will help the owner cut and track its carbon footprint via its existing dashboard, while cutting HVAC operating operating costs 20%.  And with electric and gas utility smart building incentives helping to pay for it all, across the country.

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November 2023


Delivering New Carbon and Cost Reduction Solutions with Munich Re

We’re excited with our accelerating partnership with Munich Re, the global insurance company.  Munich Re’s Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance division (HSB) has insured buildings and industrial assets around the world for over 150 years, and has a deep commitment to driving new IoT solutions for both carbon/climate and active risk management.

HSB provides a 3 year Savings Warranty on PACE AI savings on heating and cooling equipment, making PACE AI a breakthrough AI/ML solution for carbon and cost: 20%-30%+ electric and gas $$ savings, 30%-100% utility incentives, 3 year Savings Warranty.  Here’s a recent Munich Re article describing our partnership.

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PACE AI Delivers Virtual Power Plant for Multi-Family

Residential Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) tie together homes and sometimes electric vehicles, to shed load and provide power when needed during times of high electric demand.

They have big potential to deliver a smarter, more resilient grid.  But most residential VPP models are now built around single-family homes, and with homeowners being able to modify their houses, something not applicable to single apartments or condos.

For a 70+ unit multi-family building, in a demonstration PACE AI just delivered an estimated 80 kW of load shed, during the local afternoon electric peak demand period (3 pm-6 pm).  And with no changes in resident comfort, “painless VPP”!  We estimate that as much as 100-120 kW of total sheddable load could be enrolled under the local utility’s Demand Response program, for dollar revenues to building owners and residents as well.

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CalFlexHub: Dynamic Energy Management for a Better Grid

As part of our work with DOE-Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s great FLEXLAB/FLEXGRID facility, we’re joining CalFlexHub — a terrific effort to make electric power grids more dynamically responsive.

More renewable energy is being added to electric grids worldwide, cutting carbon emissions and providing jobs, and that’s great.  The challenge is matching electric load (demand) to electric supply through the day, with better load shed/shift and storage, and with real-time price information.

CalFlexHub’s participants, which include electric utilities and nearly every global grid and building system OEM, as well as smart home and cloud players like Google and Amazon and new technology providers like PACE AI, have an ambitious goal: fully decarbonizing California electricity production by 2045.  We can do it!  Learn more about CalFlexHub here.

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September 2023


HVAC AI/ML Load Shedding at 109 Degrees, and Nobody Gets Hot!

In Texas last week, at ERCOT’s afternoon peak and with temperatures of 109 degrees, with our HVAC AI/ML we showed a 21 kW HVAC load shed on a client’s office building — with no change in interior temperatures!  Our energy services partner and we will now help the client, and the Texas grid, to benefit from our flexible virtual power plant solution set.

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June 2023


PACE AI Now Qualifies for NJ Direct Install Utility Incentives

Good news — New Jersey electric and gas commercial accounts can now get PACE AI and PACE Bundle projects paid for under NJ Direct Install electric and gas energy efficiency incentive programs.

NJ Direct Install programs’ excellent terms include ** 100% initial project upfront cost covered by the rebating utility, with ** the 20% customer co-pay via monthly payments over 5 years, via a simple additional line on the electric or gas utility bill, ** at 0% interest.

Want to find out more?  See the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy link here and contact us here, or use our Contact page.  Direct Install funding, like most utility incentive programs, is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and we can work with you to apply now.

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