Help for the Texas Electric Grid: Example ESCO Project, Fast with Excellent Payback, Utility Incentives

A great project by one of our Energy Service Company (ESCO) partners, for its large real estate client, shows the power of PACE AI to deliver “cut and track” cost and carbon reductions, fast.   And with utility incentives making it easy to say yes.

Phase 1 of the project will retrofit 134 large HVAC units on 12 buildings, in an office/residential planned development in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Installation is by local HVAC contractors: PACE’s cell-based edge+cloud solutions can be installed quickly by your regular HVAC firm, with touchscreen-based instructions and savings that start immediately upon cloud connection.

The project will reduce electric cooling consumption by over 2.5 million kWh per year, and lower peak demand from the site by over 1,300 kW.  Utility rebates give the project an excellent ROI.  And after installation, PACE AI’s patented Demand Response options will give the client additional revenue choices, while at the same time helping the Texas grid.