42% HVAC Peak Load Shed with Maintained Comfort in DOE-LBNL Demonstrations

We’re thrilled (though not surprised!) at recent results in demonstrations of our new AI/ML at DOE-Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, under our CalTestBed grant from the California Energy Commission.

Our new AI/ML delivers easy, reliable load shed and shift, for fast-scalable grid Demand Response and virtual power plant  ops for buildings of all kinds — commercial, industrial, and soon residential.  And on a SEER 20 heat pump-equipped test building at DOE-LBNL’s great FLEXLAB facility, we did just that, showing 42% average kW demand reduction through the California winter morning peak, with zero comfort (temperature) impact inside the building.

And we can do the same for afternoon peak demand as well, across North America and the world.  More to come!