27% Energy and Carbon Reductions with Utility Rebate, Guarantee and Real-Time Tracking for Hitachi Industrial Plant

PACE AI recently delivered 27% HVAC cooling savings for a Hitachi manufacturing plant in the Midwest U.S. The 27% AI/ML reductions, in both cooling kWh and electric cost and in greenhouse gas impact, were achieved complementary with and additive to the plant’s existing building automation system, and with the same or better HVAC comfort and performance — both, typical of PACE AI.

Even better, utility rebates bring the full project ROI (as simple payback) to 2 years (IRR of 40%+), and with a 3 year savings warranty backed by a global insurance company.  And PACE AI edge+cloud monitoring also allows for easy tracking of carbon impacts, in future programs.

The project is part of a multi-phased application of PACE AI for the division, to include plant-floor manufacturing as well as other IIoT applications.