Hitachi Joins As Principal Partner for International Climate Change Summit (COP26), Glasgow, Nov. 2021

We are proud of our strategic partner Hitachi, Ltd. for enlisting as a Principal Partner in the upcoming International Climate Change Summit (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.  The global conference will run from November 1-12, 2021, and with last week’s release of a dire IPCC update on climate change acceleration, which U.N. Secretary General António Guterres called a “code red for humanity”, worldwide action on carbon reduction and climate change mitigation has never been more important.

In Hitachi’s Social Innovation vision, low-carbon and resource-efficient innovations are a top priority.  And with its worldwide operations and offerings in advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, and electric grid operations, Hitachi is uniquely positioned for impact.

As Alistair Dormer, Chief Environmental Officer of Hitachi, Ltd., stated:  “Partnering with COP26 and playing our role in tackling climate change is a source of great pride for Hitachi. We are actively orienting our business towards the sustainable technology of the future. We see IT, Smart Energy, Industry and Mobility as having a major role to play in decarbonisation and believe we can use our many businesses and the power of digital innovation, to help governments, cities and businesses reduce their environmental impact.”  Learn more about COP26 here.

Partnering with Global M2M Connectivity Provider

As we’ve continued to pursue our expanding product development with global partners, it became clear to us that we needed an equally global resource for our M2M cellular connectivity, so that we could deliver IoT connectivity anywhere in the world.  After working with our Verizon Open Development team, we’re very pleased to have reached agreement with a great global M2M partner. So If you’ve got gateway and smart node needs from Montreal to  Malaysia, we’ll get you what you need! Contact Us

PACE AI Industrial IoT Project Completed for Steel Castings Foundry

Industrial IoT is a great application for PACE AI’s edge+cloud flexibility, and industrial process heating and cooling equipment for manufacturing, in particular holds high potential for energy and operating cost savings. Working with our partners at Hitachi as part of an ongoing co-development program series, PACE AI was recently applied to 4,000 kW electric arc furnace and other equipment, at work in a steel castings foundry. This allowed new data flow to be integrated into a common operating dashboard, with renewed insights into foundry operations.

PACE AI Adds 20%+ Savings Insurance Warranty Option for Project Partners

PACE AI has reliably delivered 20%-30%+ HVACR energy efficiency optimization cost savings over years of operations. It’s a safe bet! And after a formal due diligence process, a major insurance company agrees, and is providing a multi-year 20%+ saving warranty, as an option for any PACE AI project.

So when you do a PACE AI project, you can include the assurance that you will reduce your HVACR energy costs by 20%+, over 3 to 7 years (other terms are possible) — simple as that! And other energy measures can be bundled, in, too.
Contact us for details

Rexel Energy Solutions Named PACE AI National Stocking Partner for Key Accounts

Rexel Energy Solutions (RES) is the leading supplier of energy technology to the ESCO industry, and also to big utility energy efficiency and smart grid programs across North America. RES is part of Paris-based Rexel (EURONEXT:RXL), a global supplier of electrical and energy equipment. All of which is why we are extremely pleased to announce our national stocking partnership with RES on a number of key PACE AI accounts in utility programs and property management…learn more

Hitachi Announces Accelerated Partnering and Distribution for PACE AI

We’re thrilled with our accelerating strategic partnership with Hitachi, as we work together to create new solutions in Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, and Industrial IoT.

Check out this press release by Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc…view full article

View PACE AI’s solution information, specifications, and case summaries, on the Hitachi website…view website