Expanding Utility On-Bill Payment for PACE AI: Cash-Flow Positive from Day 1!

We’ve been proud to have our solutions qualified for electric and gas utility On-Bill Funding and On-Bill Repayment programs (OBF/OBR). These programs are a terrific way to get energy cost savings with $0 upfront costs.

Here’s how they work, see this U.S. Department of Energy description.  In short: OBF/OBR programs pay 100% of the cost of the energy saving project (lighting, building envelope fixes, etc.).  And then, spread out project payments over 3-5 years, as just a single new line item on your monthly utility bill.  They’re structured so that (monthly savings) are > (monthly payment) — so cash flow positive from Day 1, and your savings start immediately!

Electric and gas utilities across the U.S. are expanding OBF/OBR programs, in response to customer demand.  And PACE AI is a qualified solution for all these programs, given our IPMVP-compliant, 24/7/365 savings verification technology and fast payback, even before incentives.  We can now offer OBF/OBR in California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Texas, and with Constellation Energy customers, anywhere in the U.S.  Contact us for details!