Pay As You Save® – A New and Improved Model for Energy $$ Savings, $0 Upfront

It’s the oldest story in getting energy savings — I want the cash flow and the carbon reductions, but how do I pay for it?

For big commercial properties and for the “MUSH” sector (Municipal/State, Universities, Schools and Hospitals), multi-year Energy Savings Performance Contracts (“ESPC”)  and more recently, Efficiency as a Service (“EaaS”) structures have provided zero-upfront-cost ways to get to positive cash flow quickly from energy efficiency projects.

But there’s been a big and largely unmet need for these no-money-down structures for Small-Medium Commercial buildings and, even more importantly, for the residential sector.  The U.S. has over 83 million single-family detached homes, and many, many of those homes, plus multi-family and small commercial buildings, could achieve 20%-50%+ annual reductions in their energy bills within 2-3 weeks, with the right kinds of projects.

Our PACE AI partner Liberty Homes, with a founding team of U.S. Department of Energy veterans, is answering this need with its innovative Pay As You Save® (PAYS) structure.  PAYS not only pays 100% upfront for energy efficiency and demand reduction projects, but also gets you the verification of your savings via metered data.  Major utilities and electric cooperatives across America are adapting PAYS into their customer offerings — contact us to learn more.